I am head over heels in love with this boy at track.

The only reason I won't go out with him is because he cuts, but he stopped.

I don't want to break his heart and have him cut again.

The scarier part:

I don't want him to break my heart and have me go back to cutting.
I don't say "no" to invitations because I don't want to go.

It's because I don't like people.

But saying that you'd rather hang out with your dog is a whole lot weirder than saying you can't go.
Sometimes all I want more than anything is for someone to hold my hand.
Whenever someone asks why I look so sad, I tell them it's because I'm having a bad day.

I guess that's not really the truth, is it?

How can you have a bad day when you never have a good day to begin with?
You love everything I hate about myself.

You never gave up on me no matter how much stress I caused you.

I love you.