All I've ever wanted was for someone to have a crush on me.

Is that too much to ask for?
I'm sorry.

I'm sorry about lying and saying that I was so drunk that I don't remember we kissed.

I'm sorry for pretending that I regret it happening.

I'm sorry for acting like I don't care about you.

I do, too much.

And now it kills me that I've missed my chance.

All I want is your forgiveness.

Maybe then I'll be able to forgive myself.
There's a boy at my school that everyone bullies.

He has no one.

One day he wrote a note to a boy beside him saying he was going to shoot up the school.

A boy got a hold of the note and told the teacher.

They make fun of him more now.

Everyone sees it as a threat.

But I see it as a cry for help.
I finally got the courage to tell one of my friends about my cutting.

He said he'd been down that road and knows how it feels to always be scared.

He said he cared about me and is always there for me.

Then he hugged me and kissed my scars.

And for the first time in months, I felt loved.
I have my dads ashes in my room and when I move out he's coming with me.

I can't just leave him here.

You say you want him with.

I love you.