All I want is a best friend.

I want someone to talk to me at three in the morning, to laugh with, to cry with.

And I feel so lost and helpless and alone.

I never thought it was true that cutting was an addiction.

I started cutting. Now if I go more then 12 hours without it, I start falling apart.

I pinch myself and pull out my hair, just too feel the pain.

I need it. I'm addicted. I'm scared.

Today, I presented to the class a painting about my life,

full of all my painful secrets and all the fights I've gotten into.

I even talked about how I wanted to kill myself.

They laughed.

The teacher did too.

15 Facts About Popular TV Shows You Didn't Know

The US version of The Office is one of the best known and critically acclaimed comedy shows in recent memory.

Although it's a remake of the British show of the same name, it has lasted for far many more episodes and seasons.

The big innovation that The Office had when it premiered is that it was filmed in the style of a documentary, something not many shows had done before.

Have you ever stopped to think why a film crew would hang around an office for so long?

In an episode called Performance Review, Michael reads old suggestions from a suggestion box. One of them said "We need better outreach for employees fighting depression – Tom." Michael thinks it's a fake suggestion because there's no one named Tom. He is then reminded that Tom had shot himself.

The writers of the show later suggested that Tom Peets was an employee that had killed himself and was the reason Ryan the temp was hired.

Additionally, the film crew came to document how they handled the death of their employee. After realizing that a documentary about every-day events at an office would be more interested, they decided to stay for longer.


At least once a week I run along the beach.

Across the sea I can see the town where the 15 year old me lost her virginity one drunken night.

I think of it every time I run past.

My secret?

I pretend I don't care that I'm not a virgin, but every time I run past the regret kills me a little more inside.

I'm sorry Dad.

When you asked me if I had packed my lunch and I said I'm eating it at school, I lied.

I'm really buying my boyfriend food because he doesn't have any money...

And it's a great way to convince you that I'm eating.