We're "so cute" together so I guess I have to act like I like you.

But I really don't.
My mum just told me off for eating lots at the table.

Thanks for triggering me back to purging, mum.

I'm not happy with my body.

But instead of turning to anorexia, or bulimia like I almost did,

I'm doing this the healthy way.

I was asked out last night.

I said yes.

I really like him, but I'm very afraid of what would happen if I ever broke up with him.

You see, he's suicidal.

And even if he wouldn't be my boyfriend..

I love Jon.

In gym class,I was talking with the new girl about where we fit in.

She considered herself part of the dorky group.

I told her I was in that group too.

Then she told me I seemed like a prep...

Because I was pretty.

That one sentence change my life.

I don't feel so insecure anymore.