I want to be a professional gamer.

I have a team, a clan, a family that game.

I know them in real life and they are wonderful people.

I have the skill to play in tournaments and win.

I'm a popular figure online, and many people know me.

The problem?

I have carpal tunnel syndrome, scoliosis, a weak heart and weak eyes.

Plus, I'm a girl.
I'm a girl.

My best friend is a guy.

I love him to death.

Yesterday he told me that almost 4 months ago, he had sex with my boyfriend.

My boyfriend has no idea that I know.

I had no idea that he was into guys...like at all.

I love both of these guys with all my heart.

I don't know what to do.
I'm in love with a boy that doesn't exist.

He looks just like you, talks and walks just like you but I made him up.

Cause' let's face it, the real you could never love me.
My boyfriend of two years has a female best friend who really is in love with him.

She's pretty, thin, funny, and amazing.

He tells me he loves me and never wants anyone other than me

Honestly, I wish he would fall in love with her sometimes because she's perfect and I'm a mess.
My family is small and we moved a lot.

I never had many friends besides my twin.

My sister comitted suicide three months ago.

She was accepted into a prestigious college.

My mother held a funeral for my sister under my name.

I went to college under a new identity.