Sarah M, I have loved your for 3 years.

I haven't seen you for two of them.

Still, I think of you every day.

After every thought of you, I wonder if you have thought of me even once since we last saw each other.

I wish I had said, something more meaningful than Good Luck as a farewell

I'm afraid to come out as bisexual to my best friend, because I'm afraid she'll find out that she's the one I'm in love with.
My sister was born with Down Syndrome.

I don't care what anyone says.

She's beautiful in my eyes.
I'm black.

The town I live in is horribly racist. I get all sorts of nasty comments on a near daily basis.

That's why I pretend to be white online.

I use a picture of my white friend (with her permission).

I like it better this way. I wish I really was white.
I'm secretly in love with my best friend, but all I will ever be to him is just another friend...