Yesterday I basically accused my best friend of not caring about me.

It's never felt so good to be wrong in my life...

Today, I managed to eat an entire box of Cheerios.

And I also managed not to puke them up afterwards.

I mess everything up.

I try to do things right but I just mess it up.

I'm sure my family is disappointed in me.

I know I am.

I just wish for once I could do something right, maybe then my family could be proud of me.

People say I'm asexual

I'm 18, but I've never had a boyfriend, and I don't like anyone yet

I'm not an easy girl, but I'd like to feel loved by someone else

I want to love him too.
I'm so nice to people.

Not cause I want something, but because no one else should wake up and ask themselves if they want to see tomorrow.