I feel like I have different personalities.

I'm one person around my friends.

I'm three when I'm alone.

Sometimes I'm a child.

I act and think like one.

Or I'm depressed, and have no self esteem.

But normally I'm just trying not to slit someone's throat.

I'm sorry I told you that I'm doing great.

That I've been eating enough.

I'm sorry that I'm not doing great,

And that I haven't eaten in two weeks.

I'm just afraid you won't believe I'm starving.

Because if I were, I would be skinny..

My parents are fighting constantly.

I can tell my mom is unhappy.

I hope they get a divorce.

My sister keeps itching to meet my boyfriend.

I don't want him to meet her.

She's everything I'm not.

I know it sounds shallow but I know she's better everything about her is.

And once he meets her he will realize that.
I get on Omegle every day.

If I tell my friends, they call me weird.

I do it because I like to meet new people.

The first boy to tell me he loved me I met on Omegle.

All we did was talk.