Sometimes I like to read the "Love" section of the voting, and read one that I wish he wrote about me.
You always say I listen to sad music.

Maybe I do, but I love it.

It makes me feel less alone.
Everyone thinks I'm this strong, happy girl...but I'm really not.

I want someone to care and I want to stop my self harm but I can't.

I'm not strong...I'm weak.
15 Crazy Alternative Medical Treatments You Didn't Know

Maybe Charlie Sheen should've used this instead of Tiger Blood to seem more badass. Scientists have often been puzzled as to why alligators never seem to get infections. They often get into violent fights over territories and mates, and they get wounds that should be easy targets for infection. Their blood might be the key.

Chemists have isolated blood from the American alligator and have successfully destroyed 23 strains of bacteria, including ones known to be resistant to antibiotics. In fact, the blood has proven strong enough to destroy a significant amount of HIV. They're now working in isolating the active compounds that help the alligator and put it into medicine for human use. This is a really exciting development, especially with news of new antibiotic resistant strains of certain diseases like gonorrhea that are starting to spread.


You said you loved me,

I believed you.

You laughed when I cut myself..

Yet I still can't let you go.

I wanna take my life, but you'd laugh then, too.

Wouldn't you?
I hate everything about myself.

I've been teased a lot before.

Not by kids at school, by my own Daddy.

I am going to become anorexic now.

I hope your happy.