You died 13 years ago.

We were so in love.

I finally got married last fall.

I love him so much, but I thought of you all that day.

While saying my vows, I thought of how if it weren't for the accident, I would have married you.

I'll always love you most.

And I hate myself for it.

Everyone thinks I'm a hypochondriac, but the thing is I FEEL these things.

I experience them and no one cares.

People underestimate my pain.

And I'm just done.
I tell my friends I don't care I don't have a boyfriend, but all I really want is someone to fall in love with me.
There's a wasp that cocoons and grows inside cockroaches! The larva eats them alive from the inside!

This seemingly harmless looking parasite, called the Jewel Wasp, actually has a very creepy birthing ritual. It will poison and paralyze a cockroach with a few quick stings, and drag it into a burrow. Once it's there, the wasp will lay an egg on the wasp, and the egg will develop inside the roach!

The wasp mostly lives in the tropical regions of South Asia, Africa and the Pacific Islands. The weird reproductive method doesn't end there, however. The wasp will sting a cockroach twice. The first sting will paralyze the cockroach so it can't defend itself.The second sting turns the roach into a zombie, basically, as the cockroach is unable to walk spontaneously or of its own will.

The eggs hatch about 3 days after the sting. Then, the larva feed for 4-5 days on the roach. Mind you, the roach is still alive. In fact the larva will strategically eat the roach's internal organs to maximize the chances that the roach stays alive until the larva can develop into a cocoon!


I can hear all their voices.

They echo in my head.

I hardly sleep at all because of them.

I hope the voices never leave me.
I've been having these dreams

In them is this boy.

He just sits and talks to me, and the dreams feel so real.

He even brings up past conversations we have had.

He remembers the little things about me and puts them in my dreams.It's always him each time, he never changes.

But whenever I ask his name, he gets a panicked look.

And then I wake up.