I was in a relationship with someone for over 1.5 years.

He was such a sweet, kind person, but I broke it off with him because I found out he loved my best friend the whole time.

Why didn't you have the heart to break it off instead of leading me on for so long?

It really hurts.

Today while driving home I stopped at a stoplight.

And I saw 4 girls who looked to be around 15 or 16 standing on pillars and waving at traffic.

At first I thought that they were just messing around when I saw mustaches drawn on their faces.

They made my day.

I was going home to kill myself that day.

I hate life.

Everyone has high academic and non-academic expectations for me. They expect me to be perfect.

I wonder if I'm ever going to be happy in life again. Sometimes I just want to break down and cry.

I hope that I'll get back on my feet again one day. I just hope that day is soon.

9 Shocking Facts about Catholicism

No, not the  TV show of questionable quality, but rather the scientific theory that the Universe was created through an explosion that resulted in the Universe being the way we know it now. 

That idea was first published by a Belgian priest named Monsignor Georges Henri Joseph Edouard Lemaitre. He was also an astronomer and professor of physics at a Catholic university. He also was the first to develop Hubble Law and the Hubble constant. He published his information in 1927, which was two years before Edwin Hubble published his findings.


6 months ago, I met the man I'm going to marry.

By some miracle, he loves me too.

He was a virgin before he met me.

Before we were together, I told him I was only with two guys, back in high school.

In truth, the mess that my ex left me had me in a very bad spot.

I slept with over 20 guys in 6 months.

I wish I had saved myself for him.
Honestly, I hate it when you guys call me a "goody-goody."

Yes, I do have a 94 average, and yes, I hate missing school and being late for class.

What you don't know is that I don't believe I'm good at anything.

So academics is all I have left.

I just want to get some awards, and even be on the honor roll.

I need to be known for something good.