Today I told my friend that I have never had a boyfriend.

His reaction?

"Wow, boys at your old school must have been idiots"

I shrugged it off.

Honestly, it made me feel good.
I talked to someone on here tonight.

I told her to ignore the bullies.

I told her to tell herself she was beautiful, because I want her to believe it.

I've only just realized that I need to take that advice myself.

You asked for a ride home. 

You didn't want to walk alone at night through the sketchy neighborhood you'd have to walk through.

It was late and I wanted to get home fast.

If I wasn't so selfish then you wouldn't have gotten kidnapped on the way home.

I'm sorry.

A White Tiger And A White Lion Had Babies And They Are The Cutest Things On The Planet

Meet Yeti, Odlin, Samson and Apollo!

Dr. Bhagvan Antle was the brains behind the operation. He had a white lion as well as a white tigress at his sanctuary. Through careful cross-breeding, him and his team were able to produce these beautiful little guys.

The Uncle of these little ligers is Hercules, the world’s largest cat… so clearly record setting runs in the family!

While it is POSSIBLE that white ligers have existed in the wild, they definitely have never existed within a zoo anywhere in the world before. Plus, given the geographical locations both inhabit, it would be super unlikely.

There are only 1,000 known ligers in the world, but this family makes the first white ligers known in existence. Even white tigers and white lions are somewhat rare themselves, so these creatures are INCREDIBLY unique. Not to mention adorable!

Here's one last one for good measure. It's also the cutest!


I didn't really get along with one of my friends because I was so jealous of him.

He has girls, friends, and sports.

But not grades

He told me once he wished he was as smart as me so his dad wouldn't call him a failure.

His dad says he won't amount to anything in life and screams at him in front of me.

I should appreciate what I have.

I gave up believing in God today.


I don't believe a God would make his children suffer from poverty, abuse, rape, or having their home taken away.