I am bi and my boyfriend is the sweetest guy ever.

He lives in Colorado and I live in Indiana but we are making it work.

My parents have no clue.

We have only dated for three months but I love him.

I still lurk around on my ex's Facebook.

We broke-up six months ago and I've been together with someone else for two months.

I'm fourteen and I have a disease in my heart.

My parents can't afford the surgery to save my life.

I have two more years to live.

I can't tell any friends; I don't want to depress them.

I'm so terrified.

I don't want to do this alone.

I am only still alive for my best friend. Because i know if i commit suicide, she will to. But i can't do it anymore. I'm at my breaking point. I honestly just want to die. I have cut every part of my body. And that's not enough for me anymore. I hate me.
My sisters trial is soon.

Today she told me she might go to prison and I was too scared to ask her why.

Now she thinks I don't care about her and I'm not there to tell her I do.